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One in Four: Shifting the Balance on Pregnancy Loss

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This book focuses on Dr. Barbara Toppin's expertise of decreasing miscarriage from one in four to one in twelve.

In "One in Four," Dr. Barbara Toppin reveals the blind eye turned on one of the most prevalent causes of pregnancy loss: thrombophilias, or clotting disorders. Affecting nearly 42% of the population, thrombophilias often go undetected in women, yet are a primary cause of miscarriages. At the same time, they can be treated easily and systematically, as Dr. Toppin shows in her thriving practice and in this book. "One in Four" shows how thousands of women each year are able to keep their pregnancies under Dr. Toppin's expert guidance-and why you deserve to be as educated as possible about your pregnancy and the choices you make for your and your future family's health.

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