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A vault is a protective container in which the casket is placed to provide additional protection in the ground. Some cemeteries require a vault, and some do not. Please consult your cemetery. Vaults ordered without a casket are shipped Fed Ex Ground.

Vault 4-H Two Hearts Preemie Vault V-4H-Poly

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Product Details
Brand: Poly Guard Brand
MPN: 636225539690
product ID: Vault 4-H Poly Guard for Preemies

This Two Heart Preemie Vault 4-H is made of a high-quality protective non-biodegradable water resistant ABS polymer. This vault fits our preemie caskets just perfectly. It is smaller than the other vault 4-C for preemie caskets and fits the preemie casket just right. The included sealant is applied around the base of the vault and then the dome is placed on the base. This sealant provides a positive seal for protection and peace of mind. This vault fits out medium Amish baby caskets.

Exterior dimensions: 24" (W) x 12" (D) x 8" (H)

Vaults ordered without a casket will be shipped Fed Ex ground. Please select Fed Ex Ground at checkout if you are not ordering a casket.

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