Group Support Meetings

Pregnancy Loss Support meetings are for those who have lost a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death.

Rainbow Baby Support meetings are designed for those pregnant with a “Rainbow Baby” or anyone needing support after the birth of a “Rainbow Baby.“  A rainbow pregnancy is the pregnancy experienced after the loss of a baby.  Grief changes after a “Rainbow Baby” is born, but it doesn’t go away.

Video Chat SupportVirtual Meetings

Pregnancy Loss Support meetings are held online the second Thursday of each month at  7pm EST.

The Rainbow Baby Support group gathers online on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7pm EST.

Please call or email for a meeting ID and password (513) 619.0100.

In-Person Meetings (Cincinnati)

In-Person Pregnancy Loss Support Meetings are held at Heaven’s Gain Ministries, 6962 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, OH) on the first Thursday of each month at  7pm EST.

Rainbow Baby Support meetings are held in person at Heaven’s Gain Ministries on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm EST.

Please call or email to reserve your space (513) 619-0100.

Pregnancy Loss Support Group Topics  follow a 6 month rotation

January/July – Moving On: A new you

February/ August – What is Grief: How long does it last?

March/ September- How pregnancy loss effects relationships Part 1: spouse or significant other

April/ October – How pregnancy loss effects relationships Part 2: children, friends and co-workers

May/ November – Grief during Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries of Death, etc. How does it change over the years?

June/ December – Forgiveness of self and others

Typical Group Peer Support Meeting Outline

Opening and Greetings

Sharing of Stories and Experiences

Topic of the evening

Open discussion

Heaven’s Gain Ministry has been a blessing to me more than I could have imagined! Donna & Kim are absolutely amazing women of faith and I cannot thank them enough for all they’ve done for my husband & I.

I started attending their Pregnancy Loss Peer Support meetings after my husband & I experienced our second miscarriage.  The meetings have helped my husband & I work through so many emotions and the stages of grief.  I love being able to share with my husband what I’ve discussed in the meetings and finding ways to incorporate that information into my personal healing! Kim & Donna do a wonderful job helping women & their families before, during, & after a loss in so many ways.  Donna & Kim have made themselves available to me personally to continue the healing process outside of the meetings. They also helped me during my most recent pregnancy which has led me to be able to start attending their Rainbow Pregnancy support meetings!  Kim & Donna always have topics for each meeting that help those attending process emotions after any type of pregnancy loss.

The peer support meetings encourage me that I’m not alone in my feelings and loss experiences.  I’ve met so many wonderful women who have had similar and different pregnancy losses who have helped me heal in ways I couldn’t have on my own.  There is such a negative stigma around pregnancy loss but I’m strengthened and encouraged to talk about my losses with those who attend these meetings that I openly talk about them to anyone who will listen! This ministry has strengthened me as a wife and mother but also in my faithful journey with God!  I look forward to these meetings each month because I long to connect with other women & families through this blessed ministry!  I always leave the meetings with hope, strength to continue on with my babies in heaven, and a new way to remember them daily.

I have recommended Heaven’s Gain peer support group meetings and all the other services they provide to anyone I know going through a pregnancy loss.  I thank God for Heaven’s Gain, Donna & Kim, for all they’ve done for us.

– Katie

The support group Kim lead was so helpful.  I had lost my baby six years earlier and had stuffed my emotions.  I seemed to be doing ok but I could have been better.  After going to the peer support group I really felt like I wasn’t treating my experience like a bad dream.  I was able to incorporate my heavenly baby better into my life without the loss of my baby controlling my life.  I was able to tell my birth story that no one else would ever let me tell.  I was able to see that other women had different stories but some of the same triggers.  I learned how to manage triggers and holidays.  We were able to discuss ways to help our living children and communicate better with our husbands.  I am so glad I attended the support group.  Thank you Kim and Heaven’s Gain Ministries.

– Marie

Kim Kelley, PSC

Kim Kelley
Peer Support Coordinator

My name is Kim Kelley and I have been facilitating peer support in some capacity since January  2011.  I have been married for 19 years and I am the mom of 6 beautiful children on earth ranging in ages of 2-17. I also have 5 angel babies I know are waiting for me in heaven. We lost Bryce at 20 weeks (2009), Maria at 18 weeks (2010), Gavin at 15 weeks ( 2011) Jonah at 22 weeks (2013) and Nadia at 20 weeks (2014).  I was called to do peer support after we lost Maria in 2010 after not being able to find support for myself.

I joined the Heaven’s Gain Family in 2014 and currently hold the position of Peer Support Coordinator. In this position, I facilitate meetings four times a month, contact and follow up with clients after a loss, talk to funeral homes about current and future needs, occasionally help with birth plans and offer peer support to anyone needing it.

It is a true personal mission to make sure women and families get the support they need before, during and after the loss of their precious baby.

Contact or (513) 619-0100