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How quickly will my items be shipped?2017-12-15T07:31:43+00:00

Any order placed before 12 pm EST will be shipped the same business day. Any order placed after 12 pm EST will be shipped the next business day.

More information can be found on our shipping page.

I think I am having a miscarriage, should I call my doctor?2017-12-15T07:30:56+00:00

At Heaven’s Gain we are not here for medical advice. We are here for support before, during, and after the loss of your precious baby. If you believe you are having a miscarriage or having a medical emergency, please call your doctor or dial 911.

How long will it take to get my shipment?2017-12-15T07:29:59+00:00

You can choose USPS Express mail that has a guaranteed delivery date of usually 1-2 business days. You can choose the less expensive option of USPS priority mail which usually takes 2-3 days, but can take longer (up to 10 days). Sometimes we will ship FedEx Ground instead of priority mail if the delivery…

What can I do when no one wants to talk about my loss anymore?2017-12-15T07:29:24+00:00

Here are some things we at Heaven’s gain have found to be helpful. Give yourself time to cry each day. Journal every day. Find one friend to confide in. If you need to convey your feelings to your spouse but cannot have an open conversation about your feelings, write him an letter or even email.

What happens if I order on a weekend or a holiday?2017-12-15T07:28:48+00:00

If you order on a weekend or a holiday, your items will be shipped the next business day. Shipping information can also be found on our shipping page.

Will I ever feel normal again?2017-12-15T07:28:07+00:00

After a loss, most people find a new normal. It does take time. The sorrow, pain, and numbness will slowly go away. You will smile and laugh again, and when you do, please don’t feel guilty about it. You still miss your baby. You still know he or she is missing from your life. You are still here for a reason.

Are you associated with In the Light Urns, Perfect Memorials, or Mainely urns.2017-12-15T07:26:45+00:00

We are not associated with In the Light Urns, Perfect Memorials, or Mainely Urns. If a family chooses and urn elsewhere we are still willing to serve them with information and support services We are not a large company. We are a small non-profit ministry that serves families who are experiencing the loss of a…

Are there organizations that help with the cost of a funeral?2020-06-11T16:09:19+00:00

These organizations have helped with the cost of a funeral:

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