Hope’s Story

As soon as I lost my 5 week old unborn baby, I knew we needed to have a respectful place to lay her body. Being her mother and father, that was our responsibility. I knew that some would think my husband and I were crazy but my heart was screaming out that she was a person who deserved the same respect as anyone else who has died outside the womb.

I told my husband I knew of someone who makes caskets for miscarried babies, and that we needed to find the website. He looked on the internet, and said he could only find fairly large baby caskets for babies.

I took over the keyboard (I don’t remember what I typed), but just a second later saw Heaven’s Gain, and knew that was what I was looking for. The Lord had guided my hands for sure.

My relief brought even more tears knowing that I would be able to do what I knew was the right thing. I’ve always believed that life begins at conception; I thank my parents for teaching me that. Had they not, and had I flushed, thrown away or allowed someone to take the “remains”, I know that I would always feel the regret that I could have done something better.

I had so many questions about burying a miscarried baby. On the Heaven’s Gain website, I went to the contact page, and e-mailed a request that someone call me as soon as possible. Five minutes after I submitted my e-mail, I got a call from Donna…

I’d never talked to you before. You immediately said you were sorry for our loss, and I was so choked up with tears that I couldn’t speak. I could tell from your silence that you understood me when it took me a few moments to respond. You didn’t prompt me with “Hello? are you there?” You helped me understand what I needed, and offered many times that if I had any other questions to call and you would help me. This cannot be an easy ministry to run, but I am grateful to you for providing these affordable little caskets. If I had not found your website, it would have been so hard to do what was right for our baby’s body. I am so glad that finding the casket was easy; I had no energy to focus to search for hours.You are a gift from God to families who have to go through the pain of losing a baby through miscarriage.

Thank you for your ministry. You provided us with so much relief during the hardest day of our lives.