Educational Videos

Managing the Holidays after Miscarriage and Stillbirth

Getting through the holidays can be especially difficult after miscarriage or stillbirth. Kim Kelley, from Heaven’s Gain Ministries, gives helpful hints on how to remember a heavenly baby with special ornaments, mementos, and crafts.

Lactation Consultant on Breast Milk Considerations after Miscarriage and Stillbirth

This video is full of helpful information about what to do when your milk comes in after a miscarriage or stillbirth. Jessica Grosheim, Heaven’s Gain Ministries Advocate and Lactation Consultant, gives wonderful options and advice about what do do when your milk comes in after stillbirth or late miscarriage.

Peer Support Group

Heaven’s Gain Ministries Peer support coordinator, Kim Kelley, describes why peer support groups are important after losing a baby. She explains how the meetings are run and what topics are discussed.

Understanding Carrying a Baby to Term

In this video, a grandmother contacted Heaven’s Gain trying to figure out why her daughter might want to carry her grandchild to term when it would die shortly after birth. Donna tells the story of that phone call.

Hurtful Comments after Miscarriage and Stillbirth

Forgiveness after Losing a Baby

This video talks about forgiving friends and family who say hurtful things to families who have lost a baby.  We would love to have you comment on your experiences and how you learned to forgive.

Some Things Change after You Lose a Baby

This video talks about how someone might change after losing a baby, both good and bad.