Video Testimonials

Several couples give testimony in this video about the loss of their babies and how Heaven’s Gain Ministries helped guide them in their grief journey.


Katie explains how Heaven’s Gain Ministries helped her find peace after her miscarriages. She explains the importance of the support group and individual support.

Courtney and Kelley

Courtney and Kelley are parents who have experienced two miscarriages. This testimony is powerful, especially for those who feel like their first trimester loss was not recognized.

Erin and Andy

Erin and Andy explain the sudden loss of their baby in a late miscarriage. You can see the great love they have for each other and their babies.

Nick & Christina

Nick and Christina tell the story of their Daughter Hope. They explain how Heaven’s Gain Ministries prepared them for the birth of their baby in the hospital and the support they received after the baby was born.

Kelly and Brian

Kelly and Brian tell the story of their son Jonathan’s birth. Kelly was 21 weeks pregnant when Jonathan’s heart stopped beating. They describe how Heaven’s Gain Ministries helped them create a birth plan, supported them in the hospital, and for a long time after Jonathan was buried. Their description of finding out that there was no heartbeat is so beautifully articulated along with the rest of their grief journey.

Jessica and Steve

Jessica and Steve have experienced a number of miscarriages in the second trimester. At the time of the interview Jessica had just recently loss another baby. While many of the other interviews were from losses years later, this interview was from a very recent miscarriage.