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Cremation Caskets - 3 Pack White or Purple

Available in 4 Sizes
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Cremation Caskets are for use with when an infant loss occurs of any gestational age (up to 10 Lbs. or 20"). These Cremation Caskets are made of Natural Hand-crafted Paper in purple or white with a ribbon tie. Cremation Caskets provide a place to securely lay the infant for viewing, transport, and Morgue/Pathology/Funeral Home storage. The bottom half of the Cremation Casket has an impermeable layer that helps maintain integrity and retains fluids.

The Cremation Casket also allows for dignified and discreet transport of the little one. The Cremation Casket is beautifully crafted and is appropriate for display at a memorial service, and can then be used for cremation (as it is combustible).

The Cremation Caskets provide a convenient method of storing the infant. They are stackable for space efficiency, and the end ID label makes it easy to later retrieve the baby for transport to the mortuary, or if the family wishes to revisit the infant.

There are four sizes of Cremation Casket: Small through Extra Large. They accommodate the tiniest of infants to full-term infants up to 10 pounds or 20".

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Casket Size/

Approx. Infant Weight/

Insert Base Length


3-4 lbs.



4-6 lbs.



6-8 lbs.


Extra Large

8-12 lbs.


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