Peer Support

Kim Kelley, PSC

Peer Support Coordinator
Peer Support is Proven. Peer Support Works.
Peer support provides a personal level of knowledge by sharing similar life experiences. These common personal experiences can foster meaningful connections and a deeper sense of understanding and empathy between peers who may otherwise feel misunderstood. Pregnancy loss can be confusing and full of many emotions. Others may make you feel “crazy” or “abnormal”. Its nice to hear someone else’s story and be told what you feel, is in fact “normal”.
Connecting/Reducing Isolation
Pregnancy loss can feel isolating. Knowing someone and being able to talk to someone that has experienced it also, makes a huge difference. Many people may not be able to speak with friends or family – and some people may be afraid to talk about the subject altogether. Peer support provides a safe and more comfortable platform to open up and connect with others.
A peer who has experienced pregnancy loss can provide useful insight on how to healthily manage the sadness, the new “normal” and what to expect through the recovery process. In many ways peers can help through similar struggles. You get to meet parents in different stages of their grieving journey and that can promote hope in the present and in the future.
Mental & Physical Health
Peer support brings personal knowledge of what it is like to live after the loss of your precious baby. Studies have shown time and time again, those who participate in peer support often influence other positive, self-care and lifestyle behaviors like regular exercise, healthy eating, and stress management.
Types of Support
Our support staff is available for one-on-one support sessions. Call to reserve a time that works for you.
(513) 607-6083 / (513) 619-0100
Our staff is available for couple support sessions. We all grieve differently, especially men and women. We assist couples in navigating how to help their spouse with grief and healing. We do NOT provide marriage counseling. Call to reserve a time that works for you.
(513) 607-6083 / (513) 619-0100

Group support is available in-person (Cincinnati Area) or virtually as an on-line zoom meeting. On-line meetings are private to the group only, so call to get the meeting ID and password (513) 619-0100. Currently zoom meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday, 7 pm EST for Pregnancy loss support and on the fourth Thursday, 7pm EST for Rainbow pregnancy support.
The term Rainbow pregnancy denotes the joy of a new baby after the storm of a pregnancy loss.

Ways to Receive Support
In-person support is available at our location:

Heaven’s Gain Ministries
6962 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

For longer, uninterrupted, support, it is always best to call for an appointment (513) 607-6083.

We have two lines for phone support.

Donna: (513) 607-6083

Kim: (513) 619-0100


Video Conferencing
We are available to make individual video calls or zoom calls upon request. Please email or phone (513) 607-6083 to make an appointment.