Saline Bath Preservation Method

Saline Bath Preservation Vessels

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I explain the saline bath so it does not sound like a specimen?
Explain that the baby was peacefully floating in the womb prior to birth and that this is a way to recreate the womb environment where the baby will peacefully float. The water also allows the baby to change to an even more beautiful appearance. It also allows the fingers and toes to gently move through the water and the head to appear less gelatinous. The redness decreases, but then the water needs to be changed.
How long does it take for the water to transform the appearance of the baby?

Some changes will appear immediate, while others take 3-4 hours. The fingers and toes start to float immediately, but the decrease of redness may take up to 4 hours.

What do I do when the water turns pink?

The water will turn pink from any blood that seeps out. The water can be changed as often as the family wishes. Many parents like to change the water every 3-4 hours like they would change a diaper. It gives the family another way to parent their child.

How far do I fill the vessel with the saline?

Fill the bottle to the very top so that there are few if any bubbles.

What direction should the baby be placed?

It is recommended that you place the baby so the feet at the lid end of the vessel. That allows a better view of the baby’s face.

How long can the baby be kept in the saline before burial?

Salt is a natural preservative but this is not a long term preservative for a baby. Saline water only slows the deterioration of the baby and does not prevent it. Saline Bath technique is a natural way to temporarily preserve the baby a few days until burial. When not being viewed, the baby in the saline bath should be in a refrigerated place to further slow the deterioration.

What is the salt percentage of the saline solution and can I make my own?

The solution is a 0.9 saline and it is not recommended to make your own. Contact solution can be used if you cannot acquire saline solution.

Is it ok to take the baby in and out of the saline?

Yes that is not a problem but, of course be very gentle.

Can the baby be buried in the vessel in the saline water?

Yes, the vessels are made of plastic to allow some expansion if the ground freezes.

Is it OK to freeze the baby in the saline vessel?

We do not recommend freezing the vessel or the baby.

How will the appearance of the baby be when taken out of the vessel?

The baby’s appearance will be improved after taking them out of the vessel. The baby’s redness should continue to be less. The baby can start to dehydrate if left out for a prolonged period.

Who can I call if I have additional questions?

Please call Heaven’s Gain Ministries with any additional questions. One of our Advocates for Parents of Perinatal Loss (APPL) will be happy to answer your questions to the best of her ability.