During the delivery a Heaven’s Gain Ministries Advocate for Parents of Perintal Loss (APPL) or Baby Loss Doula® offers gentle support, guidance, advocacy, and reassurance. She helps with memory making and is a liaison with the medical community for the family. She does not give medical advice.

We are located in the Cincinnati area and can only assist in-person in the Cincinnati Area.  We can be available by phone for people outside the Greater Cincinnati Area.  We offer support with miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death due to a poor prenatal diagnosis.

Our staff of Advocates for Parents of Perintal Loss (APPL) are here to help you at this very difficult time. We offer gentle support, guidance, and reassurance.  We assist in memory making and treasuring your precious baby.   We do NOT give medical advice.

All our services are free but, free will donations are accepted.

You can call us to discuss how our in-person or phone services can help and discuss times services are available.

(513) 607-6083.


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