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Thank you for serving families who have experienced the loss of a baby. We know that this is an especially difficult service to offer, and we appreciate that you are open to serving these uniquely grieving families. 

30" Medium TLC Wood Baby Casket Vault Combo (27 inch interior) C-27-3 Combo

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This high-gloss hardwood baby casket is finished in rich warm tones and lined with a soft crepe material with white lace accents. The head panel of the casket displays an embroidered heart.

Casket Dimensions;

  • Casket Exterior: (L) 30" x (W) 12" x (H) 11.5"
  • Casket Interior; (L) 27" x (W) 8.5" x (H) 7"

The vault houses the baby casket, which is made of industrial grade ABS polymer. This protective airseal vault is a water resistant, non-biodegradable, and is sealed with a mastic seal for permanence and peace of mind. The top of the vault features a picture-frame space for personalization. Each vault has a rope motif encircling the outer edge.

Vault Dimensions:

Vault Exterior: L 36" W 18.5" H 14"

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Gestation, Length, and Size of Casket

Funeral Directors:

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When the casket arrived I was so pleased. It was more beautiful than I could imagine. The pictures do not do the caskets justice. The pretty little purple flowers on the inside were just the touches I needed. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and reparation. The beautiful workmanship, the attetion to detail, and the personalization are so important to our families when they recieve one of your caskets. That is why we have continued to order the caskets from you.

Miracle – IMM

Thank you very much for the beautiful wooden casket. The casket was top quality, and the interior and blanket were perfect. It’s a nice change from some of the plastic caskets that are made, and it’s small enough to easily fit above a family member’s vault at the cemetery. I also appreciate the fast service. I called on New Year’s Day. You answered the phone right away, and I had the casket in 2 days by express mail. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.

Bryan Givner – Paradis Funeral Home Oxford, Massachusetts

When I first saw your display in Boston at the National Funeral Directors Association meeting in the fall of 2009, I realized you had something that could benefit my funeral home. As time moves on, and a stillborn situation happens, I am sure parents with this type of loss will find your stillborn caskets very helpful. They are perfect for what they are intended to be used for.

Norman E. Hall – Davis Funeral Home

Heaven’s Gain’s caskets have been very useful in my preemie burials. They have quality caskets and good service. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Jerry Rodgers , – Inn & Rogers Funeral Home