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The memorials that Heaven’s Gain Ministries offers are not baby urns. These are gifts intended as a remembrance of a baby who has died. They are lovely memorials that show care for a grieving family.

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Comfort Care Treasury Box

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“Grief is a Journey” Care Box

Heaven’s Gain Ministries is blessed to be able to offer for purchase a Care Box for those experiencing the tragic loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth. It is difficult to determine the best way to support a loved one through such grief. This Care Box gives you a way to offer comfort and support. The helpful items included in the care box were carefully chosen by parents who have also carried the heavy cross of miscarriage and stillbirth. Items are labeled with shared words of comfort to guide your loved one through difficult aspects of the grief journey.

Send the box to a friend or loved one to comfort and support them and to remind them of your love and prayers through this very difficult time. See below for an itemized list of gifts included in the Care Box. The pictures will show the words of comfort that accompany the items included. Many more resources are available to you through the Heaven’s Gain Ministries website, our You Tube Channel, and our podcasts that you can use to guide you in supporting the grieving parent.

Note: The items in the care box may vary slightly due to availability.

Packing List Care Boxes

Box with Grief is a journey label inside lid which can be kept as a keepsake box

  • Journal with guided meditations and Treasures in Heaven Pen
  • Epsom salt with “grief” label
  • Eye mask
  • lotion, Chapstick, HGM hand sanitizer
  • Butterfly hairclip and scrunchy
  • Socks
  • Tissues with “tears” label
  • Heart warmer/ label
  • HGM Water bottle
  • Hydration powder
  • Candy bag with “sweet” label
  • Post-its with “never forgotten” label
  • Candle with “flame” label
  • Ultrasound picture frame
  • Nightlight
  • Inserts:
    • Care card/Calm breathing card
    • Quote cards/Grief pamphlets pack/HGM Support Services brochure
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